Traditional Siamese, Balinese, Tonkinese and Tibetan Cats

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Registered Breeder of Outstanding

There is no compromise when it comes to choosing your next Traditional Tonkinese, Traditional Tibetan (long hair Tonkinese), Siamese or Balinese cat. That passion for quality has brought you to Thai Dye Cattery.

I am a breeder of superb quality TCA registered cats, committed to my kittens' well being and your satisfaction! I breed only registered Traditional (aka Apple Head) cats; not Classic or Modern/Wedge Head.

Thai Dye Cattery is conveniently located in beautiful Waterloo, Ontario with the 401 and Conestoga Pkwy close by for easy access to your new best friend.

My home is voluntarily Veterinarian Inspected yearly, and was awarded TCA's highest honour: Cattery of Supreme Excellence in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Thai Dye Cattery is North America's first and only breeder of TCA registered Tabby Tonkinese, and I am proud to be credited with developing the magnificent Traditional Tibetan Cat breed.  Other Tibetan cats are bred from Modern or Classic Siamese stock, and have wedge shaped faces. Traditional Tibetans possess the genetics of the original round (Apple Head) Siamese head shape.

As a dedicated breeder of Traditional Tonkinese, Traditional Tibetan, and occasionally Traditional Siamese and Traditional Balinese (long-haired Siamese) I take tremendous pride in raising well socialized, interactive kittens that will delight their owners for years and years. All Thai Dye Tonkinese, Tibetan, Siamese and Balinese kittens are sold with non-breeding, spay/neuter contracts.

Shipping live animals is risky to their physical and mental health; therefore I do not provide this service. It is required that you pick up your new kitten or send an adult friend or family member on your behalf. I will not send a kitten home with anyone under 18 years of age. If you are too far away to pick up one of our beautiful kittens, you might find another reputable Siamese, Balinese or Tonkinese breeder closer to your area, by searching here...


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THAI DYE Vaccination Policy

Please read this article by Dr. Larry Siegler, The Truth About Pet Vaccines or this exerpt from the book Natural Immunity- Why you Should NOT Vaccinate  by Pat McKay for information about vaccinating kittens.

Thai Dye does NOT practice automatic vaccinating. If requested, and at owner's expense, I will have a kitten vaccinated at the time of its vet check. However, the new owner will agree to assume all costs and risks associated with requested vaccines.


Two of Thai Dye's stunning Balinese kittens, Cooper and Jonas

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Our beautiful Queens at Thai Dye are:



First North American born

TCA registered "Tabby Mink" Tonkinese:

Thai Dye's Tea for The Tillerman", Champagne Tabby Mink Tonkinese



Thai Dye's Reiko Kudo, Championship Stock Traditional Blue Point Siamese. Kudo won Best Kitten In Show in the TCA 2012 Pure Bred Cat Show!


Then comes our wonderful Stud:

Our fabulous stud "Peavey" won Best Cat in Show in 2009 and 3rd Best Cat in Show at 2010 TCA Purebred Cat Show, over many beautiful entrants! 

Totally Amped of Thai Dye, Traditional Lilac Point Balinese


All Thai Dye Siamese kittens are sold as pets for $500 with TCA registration, non-breeding contract, our 2 year Written Health Guarantee, vet certificate of health, and will be dewormed three times.


Balinese kittens are $600 each.


Solid, Mink and Point Tonkinese are also $600 each.


Tabby Tonkinese and Traditional Long Hair Tonkinese aka Traditional Tibetan Cats are extremely rare and will be sold for $700 each.


Because it is most healthy for kittens to grow up with a sibling, we offer a discount when purchasing two kittens for the same home. Paired kittens do not have to be of the same breed or the same litter, as long as they are being taken home at the same time.