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Available End of March

 Thai Dye is very excited to announce the availability of a stunning Platinum Mink Tibetan male born Jan 31st, 2017. He will be ready to go at the end of March, and is $700. 

Please email with serious inquiries. The next Tonk/Tibetan litter is due at the end of March. If a kitten becomes available that suits your needs, I will let you know with a prompt reply and photos. Once you have been matched with a kitten, or if you have no specific preferences, you may simply click on the PayPal button below to reserve a kitten with a non-refundable deposit. A PayPal receipt will be sent to your email instantly, and will be followed by a personal email confirmation from Thai Dye within 24 hours.

 Important note: No breed of cat is truly hypoallergenic to all people. Cat breeds with Siamese genes (Siamese, Balinese, Tonkinese, Tibetans, Javanese etc)  have lower amounts of the fel d1 protein that triggers allergic reactions in humans. However, dust and dander will always be present on any cat's body. Because these environmental factors are out of a breeder's control, Thai Dye kittens are not guaranteed to be 100% hypoallergenic. Kittens may not be returned due to allergies, so please think very carfully before commiting to your kitten purchase.


Deposits may be in the form of PayPal or E-Mail Money Transfer (please ask for that e-mail address as it is different than the "Contact" addresses) or cash only. Sorry, but I do not accept personal cheques.  Thank you!




Deposit for kitten by breed

SIAMESE: Siamese kittens are sold for $500 each. 


BALINESE: Balinese (aka Long Hair Siamese) kittens are $600 each.


TONKINESE: Mink and Point Tonkinese kittens will be sold for $600 each. Tabby Minks and Tabby Points are rare and will be sold for $700.

TIBETANS, also known as Long Hair Tonkinese are extremely rare and are $700 for Points and Minks; $800 for Tabby Tibetans. 


TRADITIONAL LONG HAIR TONKINESE aka TRADITIONAL TIBETAN CAT: This is a brand new breed created right here at Thai Dye, marrying the beautiful personalities of the Traditional Tonkinese with the luxurious coat of the Traditional Balinese. These rare Traditional Tibetans are sold for $700 to pet homes only. Most rare of all is the Tabby Tibetan which is sold for $800. Sorry, I do not sell Tabby Tonks or Tibetans to other breeders at this time.

All Thai Dye kittens come with a non-breeding contract, our 2 year Genetic Health Guarantee, TCA registration papers.


Thai Dye’s kitten purchasing procedure:

Kittens are sold on a first come, first served basis, according to the criteria of the buyer. Once a person has placed a deposit, the kitten that best fits their sex/colour/coat preferences is matched to that person. If more than one kitten fills the criteria, the owner is allowed, at 4 weeks, to choose the one they like best from the kittens presented. When a kitten is chosen, the balance may be paid at that time or upon pick up when the kitten is old enough to leave. If none of the kittens match the owner’s desired traits, the deposit is forwarded to the next litter or another litter within one year. Deposits are non-refundable, and must be used within 365 days of being paid, or they are forfeited.


All Thai Dye kittens are sexed as soon as they are born, and their colours appear at around 7- 10 days. As soon as colours start to show, each kitten is assigned to its prospective owner based on the sex/colour/coat length criteria. Narrowing it down even more may include matching desired personality traits such as "very cuddly", "feisty", "adventurous", etc.


Coat lengths are determined after a few weeks. Kittens that are going to have long hair (Balinese or Tibetan) tend to feel softer and fluffier after only a few days. The length then keeps growing, whereas the short haired (Siamese or Tonkinese) kittens' coats stay the way they were at birth.


New owners are emailed occasional photo updates, as well as a PDF "Thai Dye Cattery Brochure" which contains a list of suggested foods, litters etc. When they come to meet their new babies, owners are shown the Contract/Health Guarantee, are allowed to meet both parents and see the kitten’s Litter Registration. This paper is the owner's proof of the litter's pure bloodlines and registration with Traditional Cat Association. An individual kitten Registration Appilication comes with each kitten, to be filled out mailed to TCA by the owner once Thai Dye has received the balance and the contract is signed. This will also be the official transfer of ownership. Kitten pick up is allowed anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks of age, depending on the individual kitten's social and emotional readiness.


My commitment to you and your kitten does not stop there. I am here for the lifetime of your cat, to answer health or behaviour questions. I encourage owners to send updates and photos, so that I may see how happy the kittens are in their new homes. I also welcome “customer testimonials", and often include these, as well as the photos, on the web site and Facebook Fan Page: Thai Dye Cattery.


As soon as the new owner chooses a “call name” for their kitten, I start using it when interacting with that kitten so that he or she learns the name. By the time the kitten goes to its new home, it will usually come running when called!